• I would love to go to Graceland with a trip and would also Love to see sun studios - Peter


  • I have the ELVIS Anniversary Photo Album which contains 63 photos of his. The date on the bottom of the soft cover Photo Album states January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977 but was published in 1978 by Sterling Magazines. It shows him leaning over to his left, holding a mic in his right hand and holding his guitar in his left hand. I can send a photo of the magazine if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I have not found this magazine cover on ANY Elvis Web site on the internet. So I'm sure it is quite difficult to get ahold of. - Paul


  • I'm 70 years old and been following and collecting souvenirs for years and love your site - Benoit


  • ELVIS 14k GOLD TCB necklace from Lowell Hayes (Elvis’ Memphis jewellery) with papers
    In the mid-1980s I invited Rickie Stanley, Elvis' stepbrother to speak at a Toronto church. During his visit I picked him up and dropped him off at the airport; even had dinner with him. Rickie shared some incredible stories, what a thrill for an Elvis fan. As a big Elvis fan, I asked Rickie how I could get one of the TCB necklaces that Elvis gave to his bodyguards and friends. Rickie made arrangements for me to purchase a TCB necklace through Elvis' jeweler Lowell G Hays and Sons of Memphis. I’m offering the necklace for $7500.00 Canadian or $46025.00 US funds. This includes courier and insurance. I will give you 10% for the referral if they purchase. I had some auctions houses in the US interested last year but their fees were simply too high, and they wanted me to send the necklace ahead of time. If you would like further information I can send you photos and documentation -  Rick


  • Hi, i,m a very devoted fan, Born Jan 08, 1953, elvis, Jan 08,1/935, thos last two numbers match, also have blue eyes, black hair. Precilla , met you and Lisa Marie at Elvis Festival in Collingwood. Ha may my blue eyes scared her. I serinade Elvis every night, with a light show, loving Debra


  • I have always loved Elvis, and I always will, I hope to to Graceland, my girl friend & I where going to try to go last year then Covid 19 hit so if things get better, Maybe we will make it in 2022, I pray we can! - Lisa


  • Hola soy fanática de Elvis es mi Ídolo desde hace muchos años yi tenia 15 años cuando falleció.. y me gustaría ser parte del club - Elba